Bedfordshire Maps - About Us Page

Hello everyone and this is our web-site, we are Gill & Steve and we started off on developing web sites some years ago (approximately 10 years ).

Providing us a great sensation of triumph and pleasure, we created this website, implementing a good idea that we've been working with for a time now, it was actually very problematic from time to time, though an incredible deal of fun to try and consequently rewarding.

We hope this online site isn't going to scare you off due to exasperating pop-up boxes, frequently trying to sell you something and also get you to subscribe for a newsletter you wouldn't want to end up with (filling your e-mail inbox with trash).

We invariably strive to present content that is interesting on pretty much every article, however we're not embarrassed to tell you that we all have to generate a modest cash wherever the possibility arises, to keep our websites functioning, updated and on-line.

It is our aim that you may have just as much pleasure exploring the web site, like we just had making it, we can then be delighted we have performed our goal proficiently.

Have fun, Gill and Stephen - November 2014.